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Monday, February 21, 2011

Mommy Movies...coming soon to a theatre near you.

What a great idea.  These are movies held once a month, at noon.  Best part is that you can bring your babies to the movie, and no one cares!  Our local theatre plays all their movies and it only costs $6.  Kids 2 & under are free, but from personal experience these movies are best enjoyed when the children are under 6 months as they usually sleep through it. Non parents are welcome to join too, but should be aware that there will be children in the theatre.  The link to our local theatre is http://www.westkelownamovies.com/, and the next movie is on Feb 24th.

They used to offer these movies every week, but I guess some people were complaining about the children in the theatre.  I guess they didn't get the concept of "Mommy Movies". :)  Check with your local theatre if they have something available in your area.

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