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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Customer Service is a dying art!

Why is customer service becoming more and more rare? It's not difficult, but it does seem to belong in the same realm as work ethic.  I have had some appalling customer service lately.  While I know when it is great, I'm pretty lenient about what level of service I expect.  A smile and being helpful is all I ask! 

Today I went to Buckerfields and received horrible service.  I asked 3 times for help, and kept being told "we only have what's on the shelf".  Normally it's great there.  I left without buying anything and then decided that I was going to call and complain while in the parking lot. The lady who took my call was very empathetic and helped me out properly.  Thank goodness she was there to save their reputation.  Maybe they should get that first employee a  copy of Customer Service for Dummies.

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