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Monday, December 26, 2011

Halloween costumes...how far do you go?

First of all, sorry for the delay in posting...life continues to be incredibly busy. So, although Halloween was 6 weeks ago, I thought I would still post about it.

This year's Halloween was the first one where my son could participate. My little one was only 2 months old last year, so this year I decided to make him a costume.

Now, I am not a sewer (wait that doesn't look right!!). Maybe I should say...I'm not a person who sews. A friend taught me this summer, and it wasn't as scary as I thought. I tried several little projects and they all turned out great. So why couldn't I make a costume?

First though to decide what costume. I love when you theme it up with mom/dad's costume. So since Dad loves fishing, why not a fish costume. I did a little research online, and then started to formulate a plan. A visit to the fabric store to get supplies. And I was off and running.

I started my project, freehanding a pattern. And it turned out! Ok, the colors were a bit girlie, and some people said he looked like a mermaid...but he's not, he's a fish! It's very exciting to have a project turn out, it makes all the work very satisfying. And it really didn't take me that long, I could have easily spent that same amount of time shopping for the right costume.

What do you think? Fish/mermaid?