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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Adventures of Flying

Flying with a little one always evocs the same reaction from people. "How did it go? How did baby fly?". Having flown with my husband, stress free, across the country with our little one when he was 10 weeks old...I thought-I can do a one hour trip with 5 month old baby by myself!

All was good at the airport...although I am still in the learning phase of what I can and cannot manage. I only had the diaper bag, my purse, my jacket, the camera, the stroller and the baby. Why couldn't I pick up the two bottles of wine at the airport? And manage I did!

My little guy was great when we were on the plane, he actually looked a little excited to be flying. We laughed and played, and then he started to get a little tired. And I realized, how do I get him to sleep on a plane? Well we never figured that out because then we started the descent. And then...

I hear a little rumbling in baby's tummy and we have a diaper explosion! Being so close to landing, I'm thinking we can manage. But then it starts to become uncomfortable for baby and he expresses his dissatisfaction, loudly! All the way down, taxiing to the runway, and while we were waiting to get off the plane. Oh, and you know how people with small children get to preboard. Well its the opposite when dissembarking..we were the last to get off...all the while with baby screaming at the top of his lungs. After negotiating the plane with the diaper bag, my purse, my jacket, the camera, the wine and a screaming smelly baby. All the while apologizing to the passengers we finally made it off. And with a quick diaper and full clothing change, peace was restored.

I can't believe I was the one with THAT baby! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure you were very glad to get off the plane!

  2. I was! And I am sure so was everyone on the plane! :)


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