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Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's time to get serious about exercise!

For a year now, I have taken it easy with exercising.  Partially from medical advice but also from physical limitations.  Now that my little one is pushing 6 months old, I need to buckle down!  They say it takes 9 months to put it on, so expect at least 9 months to take it off. That means I only have 3 months to go!  I have been good about going on walks both pre and post natal, but I do need to push it now.

I have signed up to play soccer again this year.  And I am really looking forward to it. I have also contemplated joining bootcamp again.  But this is where I am a little leary.  Is it because I am sooo out of shape, or is it because I have new priorities in life? Oh, probably a little of both.  I'm sure that being a mature mama doesn't help...all you post 40's know that you don't bounce back physically like you used to. 

I really should try something half way.  Through the local rec center there are some classes geared to new moms.  Not only are they designed to ease new moms back into fitness, but several of them allow you to bring your baby to the class.  There are also a few local fitness instructors that specialize in postnatal exercise.  The only challenge in bringing baby to a fitness class is that they might not always be in the mood, and sometimes you attend a class only to spend the whole class feeding/changing your baby. 

If you want a listing of all the Recreation Guides in the Okanagan, Okanagan4Kids has them all listed in one place.

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