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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review of Babies in Bloom...and the new stuff I learned!

I was able to drag my husband to the Babies in Bloom event on the weekend...yay honey!!  And it was quite good!  It was in a great venue, the Center of Learning is a beautiful building at Okanagan College. 

There was a range of exhibitors, everything from clothing to equipment to online suppliers.  Luckily for my husband I didn't go too crazy.  The only money I spent was with Booty Boutique. I picked up a neat scented disc to put in the diaper pail, and it seems to be working already!  As well, I picked up a reusable swim diaper (we are hoping to be in the pool a lot this summer!). 

I found out about a new Canadian shopping website called True Cuddles.  Check it out, it looks cool.  And we had E's picture taken for the Cutest Baby Contest, he is a true ham in front of the camera!  Pictures will be posted on Facebook soon for you to vote!

Even Dad had fun joining in on storytime and trying out one of these running striders.  I have to admit, E sure looked cute on the thing.  And Dad was having a blast!

If you are about to have a baby, or have just had one...I definately recommend you check this event out next year!

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