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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bringing fashion to the delivery room


Have you ever thought green (hospital green) wasn't your color?

Well this item will take care of that! Dressed to Deliver has taken fashion into the delivery room. Combining practicality with comfort to bring you a dress fashionable enough to wear before your due date all the way to the delivery and beyond.

With well thought out features such as an empire waist that supports your breasts. To straps that undo to allow access for IV's and nursing. The dress is made of a soft jersey knit that is stretchy when & where you need it the most, and comes with a hidden snap opening in the front and the back.

There are currently three prints to choose from, sizes Sm to XL. Look your best on this amazingly special day.

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  1. you could also have your birth at home where you can concentrate on your experience rather than what you look like :)


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