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Monday, May 9, 2011

Naramata Heritage Inn, for Mother's Day Brunch...hmmm, it's ok.

We went to Naramata Heritage Inn for Mother's Day Brunch this year.  While the drive there was lovely, and the building is gorgeous, the Brunch definitely wasn't the highlight.

If only the dining room looked like the one to the right.  But it didn't!  It was carpeted and had oak chairs and tables, and not ones with character like in the pictures.  And even though we made reservations for 2 plus a baby, we ended up with a high chair missing the tray and we felt lucky to get that!  But the big disappointment was that it was a menu brunch not a buffet brunch-they should really be clearer about these things when you are making reservations. Any suggestions for a good place to have a buffet brunch in the Okanagan?

But aside from that, the food was good and the servers were nice. We started off with an appy of a loaf of bread with pickled garden beets, goat cheese with roasted garlic, smoked salmon, and a yummy herbed butter.  I had a Grilled Rare Albacore Tuna that came with pickled shitake mushrooms, greens, on a chickpea pancake.  The flavour of the pancake definately enhanced the Albacore Tuna and they didn't overcook it!  My husband had a Ribeye Burger that he quite enjoyed, it was nice and moist which can be a problem with burgers that big, but came with some greens that were a little on the unexciting side (and guys would probably prefer fries and that wasn't an option).  And of course, I had my Mom-osa, yummy!

We did notice that there were a lot of stairs and there were no ramps anywhere, difficult if you are with stroller (and nearly impossible with a wheelchair).  There are handicapped elevators, but who knows how to access those.

Now would I recommend it for Mother's Day, probably not.   And if you do go for lunch there, eat on the patio...that looked amazing!

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