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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day...being a late joiner, things are a little different.

Mother's Day was here last week, my first one.  My husband made sure that it was special, not only for me as a new mother, but also as a tribute to my mother. 

I woke up that morning to breakfast in bed, a beautiful home made tshirt, and a "mom" crown. Woohoo, way to go honey, well done!  Then he came back with a tray with some beautiful flowers, two cups of tea, and a picture of my Mom (she left us in 2007).  My lovely husband made sure that we remembered my mom as well, on this special day. 

It then made me think, that one disadvantage of being a "mellow" mama, is that often, we don't have our own mama's around. Unfortunately my mom never got to meet my husband, see me get married, or be there when my son was born.  Although, I do know that she is always "present" in our lives, I wish she was really here. 

We are trying to keep her memory alive with my son by showing him pictures.  I know my sister has done an incredible job with my nieces.  They were only 6 weeks old when she passed away, but if they see a picture, they know who Oma is. I wonder what other things I can do to keep her memory alive for my family?

So while there are a lot of wonderful things about being an older mother, unfortunately this isn't one of those things. 

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