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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Domesticity at it's finest!

Is domesticity a word?  It is, it is...and I'm gonna use it!!

Well, domesticity was never my strong suit.  I was a career minded woman, who was much too busy to be domestic.  But having a baby has "slowed" things down.  And yes "slowed" is said with tongue in cheek.  Maybe I should say that having a baby has made me "live in the moment" more.  All those things I was too busy for in the past, seem so much more important now and appreciated. 

I was always a little intimidated by the domestic things in life, thanks to a few friends to help me along the way...and I have become a machine! A canning machine! When I was expecting, this was my version of nesting.  We moved into a house with lots of fruit trees and they bore way more fruit than what we could eat, so canning made so much sense. 
Then I decided to take a cake decorating class.  I had started baking a couple of years before, but now I had to make the baking look pretty for many of the upcoming birthdays I have to look forward too.  I'm no pro...but practice makes perfect (I hope!).  And as you can see by the picture...I need a lot of practice! 

And my latest foray has been into sewing.  Believe it or not, but I have never sewn a stitch on a sewing machine.  And now with the help of a friend...I made a sleep sack!!  Yay!!! The world is my oyster now! I can finally fix those leggings that I had to wear with boots because they lost their hem. 

Thanks PM, CE, and SD for helping me travel down this road of domesticity. (There! I used the word one more time!)

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