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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Bloggess...a shout out!


Gotta send out a shout out to a qwirky blogger. Just read this blog and love her sense of humor! If only I had the guts to buy myself a 5 foot chicken.

But I guess the mini lesson to be learned from this blog post is "learning to pick your battles".  Picking your battles...not something I'm good at (ask my poor husband).  I guess that I feel that we are always going a hundred miles an hour, and if I don't address something now, it will get missed.  But my husband (a man) needs to be able to process information, not vent it. 

I always found it a challenge to wait for the right time, but as a new mom "right times" come so infrequently now.  So how do we come to happy medium?  Why do I always feel like I am the one who has to bite her tongue?  Or does it just feel that way. :(

Maybe the trick is to treat it with a sense of humor.  Hmmmm....where can I get a 5 foot chicken?!

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