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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The United Way, helping communities.

Do you know what the United Way does? I was never really clear until last year. Basically, they raise funds to help many local non-profit societies. Last year they raised over $1.3 Million in the Central Okanagan. The cool thing is that the money that is raised locally stays locally.

I started out volunteering with them by helping out with the local allocations committee. Our job is to interview a few of the charities to see if the United Way would like to provide them with the funding that they had requested. Its a pretty neat task. Last year I learned so much more about 3 well known organizations in our community. The organizations are so proud and are very willing to share with you everything that they do.

This year I get to meet another 3 charities. I am so looking forward to it! We have over a dozen committees out interviewing charities. This means over 30 charities are supported by the United Way every year. So next time you see a United Way fundraiser, remember that your support will go to help over 30 non-profit organizations, who in turn will help 1000's of people.

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