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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tsunami's, Tsunami's everywhere!

Up until the Tsunami in 2004, did anyone hear of deadly tsunami's before?!  I don't get it...how can we have two devastating tsunami's in seven short years!  I was in Phuket, Thailand exactly one year before the 2004 tsunami. And it is unbelievable to think of the little restaurants and hotels on the beach that were swept away. 

I have watched several video's on the Japan Tsunami, but this one from CBC really brought it home for me. What always gets me is the utter hopelessness to be able to do anything when there is a natural disaster.  Can you imagine watching your home, car, or business float away with all your worldly belongings and there is nothing that you can do?

Having been evacuated due to forest fires a couple of years ago, and previous to that working at the evacuation center during an earlier forest fire. We were able to see, first hand, what the local Red Cross was able to do to assist those in need.  Time and time again, whenever you see news footage from around the world, you see members of Red Cross/Red Crescent at the heart of the disaster. 

Please donate to the Red Cross, so that they can continue their humanitarian work for those who desperately need it!

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