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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Are you Twongo/Groupon addicted?

I am!  The first few times, I got a little excited.  But now I am recognizing what is a good deal.  It’s amazing what kind of deals you can get through these sites.  I thought these sites had only been around for a little bit.  And while locally it is relatively new, Groupon was originally launched in Nov 2008, and is now valued at over $1.35B…why didn’t I think of it!   Groupon has been so successful it is now in over 200 cities. If you haven’t signed up yet,  it only takes minutes and they will email you the daily deal. Personally, I prefer Twongo, I’ve found the deals better – I think they know the area better.  Let me refer you, and we’ll both get $5 credits with their websites.  Go here for Twongo and here for  Groupon.

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