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Monday, April 9, 2012

Peeps S'mores and More!

There is a whole etiquette when dealing with kids and holidays.

You attend baby classes for the first year of your child, and then you are cut loose to figure out not only what to do next, but the etiquette that goes with it! Our first "holiday" this year was Valentine's Day. And our
daycare was kind enough to give us a list of names, so that we could make Valentines. I'm sure some people would have thought that "suggesting" making Valentines may be pushy, but I thought it was great...because I didn't know any different. And it turned out to be fun making Valentines for the class, even Dad got into it! We made simple hearts cut out of red and pink paper, and added the child's name and a sticker (our little one doesn't draw/color yet, so a sticker he could do).

Then Birthday parties have their own etiquette. Who do you invite, what kind of treats do you make, how many people, do you make gift bags, do you have a theme, it can become out of control! All I can say, is that I am sooo fortunate to have a late summer baby. It takes a lot of pressure (and expense) off me.

Now another holiday is upon us, Easter. And I came across this great recipe. Take a Peep (they are a marshmallow treat that come either in pink, yellow, blue chicks or bunnies), 2 graham crackers, and some chocolate and place them in a snack size baggie. Add a label with instructions, and you have a great, inexpensive, and fun Easter treat! This is what we put on our label.

Peeps s'mores!
  • Place chocolate on graham cracker
  • Place Peep on top of chocolate
  • Microwave for 10-15 seconds, make sure to watch!
  • Top off with other graham cracker and enjoy one of my favorite peeps! Happy Easter!

Thanks to Lexi from http://confetti.typepad.com/confetti/ for the idea, and Pinterest for helping me find the inspiration!

I know we just missed Easter, but if you love this idea. Lexi suggested using it to wish people, Happy Spring!

This latest blog can be seen on www.okanagan4kids.com.

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